A Canadian Man Files A Lawsuit Against Apple For False Marketing Communication

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lawsuit against apple

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Its been a long time that anyone field complains for a brand for a false marketing communication. A Canadian man filed lawsuit against Apple for false marketing communication & looking at his statement, we believe it to be a genuine case.

According to this man, Apple has been claiming his display athe tough and scratch resistance, but it was not the case with his Apple watch. He says that his watch display is full of scratches, which is clearly a wrong marketing communication made by Apple.

This thing started when he went to the Canadian Apple store to return his watch, but got rejected by them.  Later after getting no help from the local store and store manager, he emailed to the Apple Canadian operations team and Tim Cook, highlighting the issue, but there was no reply from any authorities. As there was no reply from the authorities,  he had to file a law suit against Apple.

Soon after he field a lawsuit complain, Apple authority proposed him free replacement and free accessories, which he refused. This looks like Apple to only take action for his customer after they file a lawsuit against them. This is not the first time, people facing issues. During the test, where apple claims it to have the everything best, which seems not be completely true.

There is no doubt that Apple will have to take proper decisions while making any Marketing communication as this can back fire them. This can also be the situation for all the companies, if what they claim does not fulfill.

If you are one of the victim to monitor the same issue irrespective to the brands you have, you can comment below so that we know more about these false communication.


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