Team Fortress 2 new update released

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Team Fortress 2 new update released
Team Fortress 2 new update released


Team Fortress is an FPS game with all sort of different characters. There is a Sniper, a medic, a scout, a heavy gunner, a spy and a demolition man. Team Fortress 2 is a fun game and certainly one of the best free game available on steam.

The game is interesting with several maps and objectives to complete the best thing is the story and the characters background. I don’t want to go deep in this, but if you like Team Fortress 2, you must have known it already.

Today a new update of the game has been released I haven’t played it yet but here what the update consists.

What’s the Update?

  • After the last update, a few people were unable to push the cart on some maps. In this new update, the problem has been fixed
  • The main menu crash problem is also being faced by a few players, the good news is that it is fixed now
  • Self-damage has also been added when doing the Short Circuit’s orb to attack an opponent at close range
  • New weapons have been added for the Heavy and Pyro players.
  • ctf_foundry has also been updated
  • The crit powerup has been removed from the center of the map

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