Apple Develops Micro LED Display Panel For Apple Watches

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We already know the fact that Apple is starting it’s own OEM for displays & they are going to start with Apple watches. Recently it got confirmed that Apple is manufacturing their first LED displays for the upcoming Apple watch & this is going to start from Q3 of 2018 or Q1 of 2019.

This new LED displays is said to be cost 4xtime of the OLED’s, which means that this new displays will be Apples premium displays. It is also said that Apple is also working on a entry-level and mid-ranges watches so that they can provide different options to their audience in coming future.

This new display panel is the 1.3 inch pane based on the TFT backplane. There are also rumors that Apple will soon start manufacturing displays for MacBook & iMac in the early 2019, which means that we can expect to see the new MacBook and iMac out by the end of 2019.

This also brings up a question that will Apple products from 2019 will cost lesser than now? And we truly believe this to happen as the major cost given to any manufacturer has been reduced. But also being at the initial stage of manufacturing, i also believe that the initial products can be at the same price point as now. We can’t say about the pricing until the products is launched. Until then the only positive thing we can say is that Apple will surely get quality displays in the upcoming models.

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