Motorized Automatic TV Lift Mechanism

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The TV lift mechanism varies slightly for the pop-up and the drop down lifts. Pop-up lifts as the name suggests comes out of a piece of furniture while the drop-down comes down from an opening from your ceiling floor. There are two sides to the motorized Automatic TV lift mechanism that the pop-up and drop-down operate. Each motorized automatic TV lift system varies but the controls and functionality are pretty much the same.

What is a Motorized Automatic TV Lift Mechanism?

So you may be wondering what the hell a Motorized Automatic TV lift mechanism is. Have you entered your rich pals place and then all of a sudden a TV pop up from nowhere? That is the mechanism that brings the TV to life from where it had been hidden.

Motorized Automatic TV Lift Mechanism
Motorized Automatic TV Lift Mechanism

A TV lift mechanism gives movement of a platform or surface either vertically within a piece of furniture or from a ceiling that flips and or drops down. It all depends on the storage position chosen.

The mechanism for the pop-up TV lift includes limit switches to adjust the height, which you want your TV to be. You set both the upper and lower limits and input them as your defaults.

There is also an infrared system for your remote control. Depending on your model, it may have a holder for your IR device. Another thing to note is that most models have a manual control in case there is a problem like power or sudden failure.

The remote control is pretty much self-explanatory. You hit the up button and your TV will raise up the opposite is with the down button. On some models, there is a steady button. This is used in case you lose your remote control. You hit the steady button and it will instantly learn the frequency of your new replacement remote.

There is a reset button also if you want to change the upper and lower limit. This is useful in case you were changing TVs you just hit the reset button and apply new limits.

There is the main part of the motorized TV lift mechanism, which is the track linear actuator. This ensures that your TV lifts up and drops down without any hitches or glitches.

The ceiling lift mechanism (Flip down)

Works also like the same principle as the pop up the only difference is it could be a rotated or just a simple flip down. All that depends on the model and make of your TV lift.

Another point to remember is that the remote control can be either IR (Infrared) or RF (Radio Frequency). The drop-down motorized TV lift mechanism can be complex depending on the model.


As you have seen, the motorized TV lift mechanism is not that complicated. You only have to know which parts do what. Similarly, lots of licenses and certified dealers can help you with your selection. Remember: if you are not sure which motorized TV lift to get, you can consult several dealers and read honest reviews online.

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