Huawei Launched Huawei Pay In China !

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Huawei joins the the list for dedicated Pay Services alongside Samsung & Apple by launching Huawei Pay in China. This works on a pretty similar work process just like how Samsung Pay or even the general Android Pay. That means it works with NFC & it’s the same One-touch NFC Pay.



Pictures From CNMO


So, Huawei Pay already supports around 63 Bank which is the highest number of banks supported by any smartphone manufacturer in China. Huawei may also expand the support in UK & later in US & even maybe Philippines & India. But, there is no confirmation on that as of now.

However, if Huawei releases Huawei Pay outside China, there is no answer how many users actually need it. But anyway, if Huawei is looking forward to bring it outside China, they are more than welcome to.



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