iPhone 7 Dual Camera Patent Confirmed – Is It Really True?

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iPhone 7 Camera patent
iPhone 7 Camera patent

In November 2015, there were rumors about iPhone 7 that says that they will have a dual rear camera. Today we came across a patent that shows dual camera on the upcoming iPhone 7. According to the patent, the dual camera on the iPhone 7 will have standard and vision mode respectively. Depending on what you want to click, you can switch depending on the focal length.

If this patent turns to be true, then you can eliminate lower quality images, because you can increase your pixels even for the distance object. It is also said that with this dual camera on iPhone 7 you can click pictures from one and at the same time you can shoot videos from another camera.

This ensures that you can click photos and shoot video at higher quality because both the camera are working differently and hence you get higher resolution photos. It will have the same camera feature as on the current iPhone and it will possibly capture 4k video.



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