Can Apple Be The First To Support 5G Technology – iPhone 8 or the next?

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We have been reading a lot about the 5G technology since 2105 with two big giants KT & Ericsson. But, no smartphones are supporting them. According to the reset activity by Apple, it seems that the next iPhone (I guess the new iPhone 8) will surely support 5G technology. In April 2017 we got to know that Apple had hired two Google Executive expert in Satellite technology. Which surely got my attention that Apple is doing something secretively. Again in March Apple filed FCC application to test the 5G technology. After applying for 5G at FCC, today they got an approval to test the 5G technology.

All this activity happening allows me to think about will the iPhone 8 be the first Smartphone to support 5G technology. This technology is been tested in the headquarter & Milpitas. This new 5G technology will give measured in millimeter band wave where as will give a higher bandwidth of 10GB/S. With this new 5G evolution Apple shows a clear sign to improve over the previous 4G network performance.

AT&T cellular are also working on 4G technology & they claim that the 5G technology will be 2x times faster than the current 4G technology.This technology will tested in the current LTE network.

With this Apple will also have to work on improving their battery as 5G will need a lot of power. I am excited to experience the 5G experience on a cellular data.

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