ASUS To Launch Zenfone 5Z In India Between 10 to 15 July

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When we are talking about Zenfone 5 in India, it was one of the hyped smartphone that people were waiting for & today I have got some insight on the Launch of Zenfone 5Z in India. For those who were waiting to buy the Zenfone 5Z series, their wait is finally getting over. We have got an update that ASUS will release the Zenfone 5Z in India between 10 to 15 July.

Everyone already know that the Zenfone 5Z is the flagship model and will be powered with the Snapdragon 845, which means this smartphone is a direct competition to OnePlus 6. Being a direct competition with OnePlus 6 this time you might hear some good news on the price point too. According to the update we have received it is said that the Zenfone 5Z will be priced below 38,000 INR, which is one of the best deals that people can get for a SD 845 flagship smartphone.

It seems that ASUS is really going to kill in the price segment for all the devices. First they got the Zenfone Max Pro M1 with amazing price point & now it seems that they are going to kill it with the Zenfone 5Z series too. We are not sure about the exact date, but it is expected to be mostly on Friday 13th July.

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