OnePlus 6 Launch Date Leaked – 5-5-2018

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It seems like an accident, but OnePlus 6 launch date has been leaked. Today at one of the OnePlus Facebook group a user shared the teaser of OnePlus 6 launch date. The 2018 OnePLus 6 will be launched on 5th May in China. 

The leak image is basically from China & we believe that OnePlus is planning to launch this device in China first. We have already seen that the OP6 to come with Snapdragon 845 & talking about the latest news that OnePlus to launch on 27th April might be a gimmick, but we are expecting the appearance of OnePlus 6 during the movie release of the Avengers: Infinity War or are they planning to make the limited edition model.

The leak also says the launch is going to happen by 14:00, but the time zone is not yet clear. We are yet to know get the location details on it.



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