Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Will Hit The World On October 17th

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Microsoft is preparing their next big update for the world & they have just dropped the release date for it. If you’re running Windows 10 you may be also using the latest version of it that’s the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft has finally revealed that, the successor to this update will drop on October 17th & as we already know, it’s going to be recognized as the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Will Hit The World On October 17th


As the name suggests this update isn’t a huge change over the regular Windows 10 Creators Update but, it’s rather an addition of some exiting new features to the platform along with some improvements over the performance department. The focus in again in different type of creators & their biggest addition in this segment is probably the Windows Mixed Reality support. If you remember there were a few Mixed Reality headsets that were showcased at IFA this year. Most of them will be available from October 17th as well.


In a blog post Microsoft said,

“The next update of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, will be available worldwide October 17. With the Fall Creators Update we are introducing some fun, new ways to get creative. As part of the update we will deliver an evolution to the photos experience that will let you tell your story like never before using photos, videos, and 3D effects; enhancements in gaming, security, accessibility, and immersive new experiences made possible by Windows Mixed Reality. All of this innovation will be brought to life by a range of beautifully designed, and feature rich modern devices available from our hardware partners this holiday.”


The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be available everywhere around the globe but, the availability of the Mixed Reality Headsets may vary from country to country. However, Samsung & ASUS are not launching their MR Headsets right now. The Samsung Odessy will be available on November 6 & the ASUS MR Headset will be available in the Spring of 2018. Microsoft is taking pre-orders for all these headsets (just not the ASUS one as of now) on their Microsoft Store.

So, are you using a Windows 10 PC & you exited for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below !


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