AMD 16 Core Threadripper Is Finally Available For The Consumers

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Everyone seems to be hyped about AMD’s new Ryzen CPU’s. They have more Cores, more L3 Cache, more PCIe lanes & most importantly come at a way Less Price compared to similar range offerings from Intel. We do have a wide range of Ryzen CPU’s  right ? We have Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 & Ryzen 3 for general consumer level that kinda challenges the i3, i5 & i7 Series from Intel.

Now, AMD is pushing their boundaries even further with their Ryzen Threadripper CPUs that’ll compete Intel at the Prosumer (Professional Consumer) Level. These CPU’s also got super High Core Counts strting from 8 Cores going all the way upto 16 Cores. Now, all of these cores support HyperThreading translating to double the number of Threads of whatever Core count that particular CPU is running.

So, have three different Threadrippers at this point. These are the 8-core 1900X, the 12-core 1920X & the 16-core 1950x variants. The image below states some important details about the Ryzen Threadripper series,

AMD 16 Core Threadripper Is Finally Available For The Consumers

That’s not literally it by the way. The Treadripper 1950X  & even the 1920X have 64 PCIe lanes that is 20 lanes more than an Intel Core i9 7900X that has only 44 PCIe lanes. Even in Core Counts, the 1920X beats the  i9 7900X by having Two extra Cores and 1950X beats by having Six. The 1900X is also no joke as it’s competing the i7-7820X in a head to head competition at a lower price. Also, the 1950X is about 150 USD cheaper compared to the i9 7900X.

Now, If overclocking is your thing, all the Ryzen CPUs come unlocked & Threadripper is no exception. So, yeah you can overclock them with the help of some professional cooling.

These configurations can come handy for Professional Content Creators & Researchers who actually need that multi core power. Specially if you’re editing RAW 6K or 8K RED Footage or doing some beefy Graphics Research then you can definitely get benefited by those extra Cores & PCIe Lanes. But, for Gamers it’s not probably going to make a huge difference anyway.

So, will you pick a Threadripper or you’ll go with an Intel X series i9 or i7 instead ? Let us know in the Comments section right below this article!



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