7 Simple Rules for Hiring Great Developers

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7 Simple Rules for Hiring Great Developers

Programming refers to the process of discovering and developing new innovations that might help the life and survival of the entire human race. It helps in the improvement of the internet, computers, and other technological machines that are vital in our daily living. It also helps in the proper and accurate calculations, management, analyzation, and collection of important data or information. It makes way for the creation of various software applications on our computers and mobile phones of a latest technology update. Here, you can find the details about 7 simple rules for hiring great developers.

But, these programs will not be generated without great and excellent software developers or programmers. They are the key to the new innovation that might contribute a lot in our daily living. There’s a lot of software developers throughout the world, but how can you select the best and meets your allotted qualifications?

To enlighten your mind, here are the top seven tips to guide you to hire developers.

1. Do not focus only on the resumes

A resume is a document that represents the personality, background, and experiences of an applicant. But, as an employer, you should focus not only on the resumes. Sometimes, a resume can deceive us and results in the hiring of applicants that do not meet our expectations. You should only use the resume as a basis and source of questions to be asked in your employer. You can try interviews, on the spot tests, and training. In this way, you can truly select the applicant that fits in your company.

2. Seek for an applicant who has good communication skills

An applicant who has good communication skills must be considered. In software development, you also need an employee who has the capability to communicate and interact with other people effectively.

3. Set another interview or test for them

Setting another interview with your applicants can give way for you to know them more. In this way, you can gather more information about your applicants. You can also test their skills and knowledge about the expertise of your field. This is also a way for you to properly select the best applicant that has a place in your company.  You can see the most deserving applicant that has the potential and capability to take your company into success.

4. Search for an applicant smarter than you

This is not to put yourself into shame, rather than put your company into success. Hiring an applicant that is smarter than you is a great choice. They can be the next employees that might bring your company into a breakthrough. They can be the one who will innovate the greatest software application or other else that might bring the life of the entire human race into a bright future.

5. Test them using a real-life technological burden that you had encountered

This tip is used to see and observe your applicant’s capabilities in your company. This can give the applicants a preliminary idea about their job and the tasks they need to do. You can also see if the applicant is deserving of a place in your company.

6. Set the qualifications of your company

Qualifications of a job must be met by the applicants. This is to see not only their skills and capabilities but also their personality towards your company.

7. Ask for their favorite subject or project

You may find this a little bit out of the way,  but this can also help in your selection for a new employee. Asking about their favorite subject can give you an idea about how passionate they are in terms of a subject. If they had started to show a side where they are lacking in passion and enthusiasm in a task, then back off. Your company needs passionate employers, especially you are just a newbie in your field.

All in all, these seven tips for hiring a software developer can greatly help you. You just need to apply all of these properly and excellently. As a starter in a software developing industry, excellent and promising software developers are badly needed. Selecting and hiring the best and fit applicant in your company might be the key to open the door of success. All of the applicants do have their own unique characteristics and capabilities, you just need to seek for the best using these provided tips.

Author Bio: Umar Bajwa is a young business enthusiast and content coordinator at AppModo loves to write about Mobile Apps, Technology, Health, and Life Style & Digital Marketing


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