WhatsApp Limits Forwarding Message Up To 5 Users – Only For India

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Whatsapp first released the forwarding message feature a few years back with an aim to help people making chat easy. But, according to the recent report, India forwards the huge number of images, text and video message across the country. We had also heard rumors that it was getting tough for Whatsapp to manage India database.

Today, Whatsapp announces an update specially for India. According to this new update, users in India can only send forward message to limited (5 users at a time users only).

Well, this was one of the features that every users could have expected in India. According to our survey people in India are now annoyed with the type of forwarded message they get from any number. Recently there was a huge growth of spamming with forwarded message that was seen in India & with this new update, this might bring down the spamming industry.

With this update, it is quite clear that Whatsapp is focusing getting the spamming industry down & is filling the loop holes that is indulge in making the private messaging platform Spam.

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