NVIDIA May Launch Their Next Generation Of Geforce GPUs On August 20th

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It has been a long time since NVIDIA unveiled their 10-series Geforce GPUs & users have been asking for an update from last year. NVIDIA did bring an upgrade to their Titan line-up with the new Titan V which is based on the new Volta architecture. But, the Volta upgrade for the GeForce series is yet to arrive.

However, we may finally see the Volta bases Geforce GPUs very soon. According to the schedule for the upcoming 30th Hotchips Conference, NVIDIA will unveil their next generation of Mainstream GPUs in on the Conference Day 1 on August 20th.

Now, assuming the Geforce series as mainstream as they literally are, we might be getting the Volta based 11-series (or maybe 20-series or whatever NVIDIA wants to call it) cards on the event.

The new Volta architecture is generally great for Machine & Deep Learning purposes even the Titan V has integrated Tensor cores so, it can be used for Machine learning. Now, the new Geforce GPUs will also feature Tensor cores but, those will not be as many as the Titan V. So, these new 11-series cards will have some Machine Learning capabilities but, they’re staying focused on gaming anyway.

These new GPUs will be build upon the 12nm Process Technology & are expected to have a huge bump in gaming performance over their predecessors. We’re talking 4K gaming on a single GPU (reportedly the GTX 1180) here so, let’s see what NVIDIA has in stock for 20th August.

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