OnePlus Is Teasing The OnePlus 6 – Hint For April Launch ?

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After an ocean full of leaks, OnePlus has finally started teasing the OnePlus 6 officially. Recently OnePlus posted a small 4 sec clip on their Twitter account with a caption “6et ready” which directly indicates that the unveiling of the OnePlus 6 is coming close.

The Video says, “ The Speed You Need 6” which means that the OnePlus 6 will come with Flagship hardware for fast performance. This is no surprise as we already know most of the specifications already. These include,

A 6.2 inch 19:9 Full HD+ OLED Display, Snapdragon 845, 6GB or 8GB RAM options, 128GB or 256GB Internal Storage options, Dual Rear Cameras (16MP f-1.7 + 20MP f-1.7), a 20MP f-2.0 Front Camera & a 3450 mAh Battery.

The pricing is is huge question though. Seeing what OnePlus has been doing with every new generation of their devices, the prices will probably increase a bit but, not by too much. In India the OnePlus 5T costed 32999 INR for the 6GB, 64GB variant & 37999 INR for the 8GB, 128GB variant. This year the OnePlus 6 might go all the way upto 34999-35999 INR for the 6GB, 128GB variant and about 39999 INR for the 8GB, 256GB variant.

The reason why we think OnePlus will stay within 40K INR even for the Higher-end variant is that, people generally buy OnePlus devices because they deliver Flagship hardware at an affordable price point. So, going higher than that 40K INR mark takes the devices out of that afford-ability zone which will result in low sale figures. Also, as Google is also bringing a mid-range Pixel within the upcoming months, OnePlus would want to stay safe. Hence, the 40K INR mark seems to be their boundary this time.

Anyway, as OnePlus started teasing the OnePlus 6 in early April, this probably means that the device will be unveiled within this month as well. So, if you were waiting for the OnePlus 6 then, just wait a few days more.

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