Vivo V9 Is Launching On March 27 In India

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Vivo is going to unveil the successor to the Vivo V7 from last year in India & though the Vivo V9 has been in leaks for a while now but, finally we know that it’s coming to India on 27th March.

Vivo V9 Is Launching On March 27 In India

According to a report from The Economic Times, the Vivo V9 is appearing in India on 27th March with a stiff price tag of 25000 which is a lot higher compared to the V7+ from last year. So, maybe Vivo will improve the hardware as well. At least we don’t need another low-end Snapdragon or any Mediatek SOC.

Two things that are changing this year include, the design & probably the screen resolution as well. So, Vivo is also moving to the Notch trend just like what some other manufacturers are doing this year. The screen resolution shall also get a resolution bump to 1080P (19:9) compared on the 720P (18:9) Display on last years V7 & V7+. Oh, and there is also a 24 Megapixel selfie shooter on the Front.

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