Changing Skins Before Every Game Is Now Possible In Overwatch

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Unlocking new skins are not easy in any game, in Overwatch we know the struggle of unlocking a new skin and then forgetting to equip it before your next game. Everyone knows that your dressing style will reflect on your performance. If you are an Overwatch player and see what I’m talking about, then let me tell you this. There is no need to worry about forgetting to apply a new skin to the game will now allow its players change their character’s skin before each match.

The official account posted a GIF confirming the news on Twitter. GIF was consisting a Pharah swapping skins as the lobby timer running down.

Now players can play their favorite characters with them equipping their favorite skin. I know it’s not a major update but it will surely make playing Overwatch fun for its fan’s.

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