Apple May Have Just One Million iPhone 8 Units For Their First Stock

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Planing to buy the iPhone 8 at the very first sale ? Well, you better be quick as the stocks may be pretty limited. A leak claims that the intial stocks for the iPhone 8 could be limited to One Million.

Apple May Have Just One Million iPhone 8 Units For Their First Stock


Now, you may think that One Million is a huge number because it is but, if that’s the number of iPhone 8’s initial stocks, it’s pretty damn low. Think about all the countries where this phone will be available & the number of people who are waiting for this phone. Being the most popular tech in the world, One Million units will probably sell within a few minutes even if they initially sell the device in North America.

The reason why everyone is looking forward to iPhone 8 is that, it will have features that every current gen iPhone user sacrifices compared to the Android flagship users. This may include, an OLED Display, Wireless Charging & also 3D facial recognition that is expected to be way more secure compared to Samsungs 2D Facial Recognition that can be easily fooled. The aperture of the Main Camera may also get enlarged to f-1.6 or f-1.7 this time.

Another highlight of the iPhone 8 can be it’s AR capabilities as we have already seen some of the things that Apple is doing with their ARKit. Though, Apple ARKit is rumored to support the previous gen iPhones as well but, iPhone 8 can be the starting point.

Now, we don’t actually know what will the actual name of the highest end iPhone that we just talked about as some rumors point towards the name iPhone Edition or iPhone X Edition. But, whatever it is, it’s going to cost a lot. Probably, more than 1000 USD. So, d you plan to pick one up ? Let us know in the comments section right below this article !


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