We Are Just 12 Days Away From The New iPhone – It’s Official

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Apple Invites

We had made an speculation about the iPhone 8 to launch on 12-September 2017 & it has got true. Today Apple sends an official invites to & confirms the launch on 12-September. We all are excited to see how the new AR will work in the new iPhone & at the same time we are also disappointed with the 2700mAh battery. But what if everything is not true and there is something more?

Along with the iPhone 8 we are also expecting to see the iPhone 7S. No matter how the phone is, this time it’s special for Apple to launch the iPhone 8. The launch will be held in Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino and will start by 10:00am. This is the first time Apple will debut the Steve Jobs Theater by making it special with the launch.

Helding the event in Steve Jobs Theater for the first time, we really can understand the emotions for all Apple fans. We all have to wait till 12th September to witness if all the leaks that we made is true about the iPhone or are we expecting something greater this time.


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