iPhone 8 Will Launch On September 12

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Tired of the next iPhone leaks already. Well here’s another one. The good news however is that, this can be the date when all these leaks will come to an end. So, yes guys, we are talking about the launch date of the next iPhone. It’ll probably be called the iPhone 8 but, don’t be surprised if it ends being called the iPhone 7s or even both iPhone 8 & two iPhone 7s variants may launch at the same time.

According to the recent insight information the iPhone 8 will launch on September 12, 2017.

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Now, this has quite a bit potential to be true as, the news of the iPhone launch will be sometime this September was floating around from some time and September 12 looks a sweet spot for the launch.

The leak also reveals that the bookings may open on September 15th & the phones may start shipping on September 22nd. That’s probably only in the US though. For other countries, their is no clue as of now.


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