iPhone 8 To Feature AR (Augmented Reality) – Says Rumor

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Everyone wants to be ahead in the technology world; specially smartphone. Event giants like Apple are now encouraging much better technologies to sustain the competitors. They recently introduced dual-camera & now the rumors says that the new iPhone will enable AR in their upcoming iPhone 8. This feels likejust yesterday when Apple acquired SensoMotoric Instruments (2-May-2017) (MacRumors), which got my attention & when searching for it, we got a rumors about new iPhone 8 AR feature.

iPhone 8 AR

This is sure that Apple will launch their all new AR headset (Thanks to SensoMotric) when they release their new iPhone 8. This means that Apple will also incorporate the AR technology in their smartphone hardware. At the same point it is clear that the new Apple iPhone 8 will come along with a much optimized AR glasses as it is widely known that the SensoMotric VR technology reduces dizziness nausea, which gives better comfort.

iPhone 8 AR

This is known to everyone that SensoMotric is also known for making AR & VR hardware & software for auto-mobiles, clinical research, cognitive training, physical training and biomechanics, linguistics, neuroscience, and psychology. As we have already know that Apple is searching for Auto-Mobile OEM‘s for self driving cars, this might be one of those acquisitions. We might see a lot of news about Apple to acquire more OEM’s in future. But this ensure that Apple iPhone 8 will definitely get AR technology, but we are still waiting for an confirmation.

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