Windows Phone User Might Get Whatsapp Calling Feature Sooner

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Whatsapp Calling Feature For Windows

The whatsapp calling feature is what the iOS and Windows users are waiting for. We really are not aware of when the iOS users will get this feature and that’s because of the platform restriction. But, recently we got an update about Windows phone to soon get the whatsapp calling. We got to this from WmPowerUser.

It got confirmed when the Whatsapp support team replied to a user asking for the whatsapp video calling feature. Here is the message:


Thanks for your message.

WhatsApp Calling for your platform is still in the works. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on any future release timelines but we appreciate your interest in WhatsApp Calling.

WhatsApp Support Team

Looking at the reply, we can say that the calling feature will be soon to be seen for Windows users. We cannot guarantee you about the release date, but we ensure it to be released  soon.

Till then stay tuned for the Whatsapp calling feature for Windows.


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