OnePlus One Stopped Sale In India: Know The Reason Why

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On 16 December, 2014, Delhi High Court banned the sale of the OnePlus One smartphone. This company was forced to stop their sale, when their competitor Micromax filed the lawsuit against the Operating System, the device is installed with CyanogenMod. Micromax felt injustice for the ban on the Micromax YU series, which was powered with the  same OS and hence they felt this injustice to them and filed the complaint on the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus. (This is what all the news says, but the fact is different)

Facts About the Ban Of OnePlus Sale in India:

On August 2014, Micromax came into notice that the Chinese brand, OnePlus was intending to launch their brand in India with CyanogenMod, but Micromax was having all the exclusive rights of this OS, but was not allowed to by the Supreme Court of India.  Looking at this, on 20th August Micromax e-mailed to CyanogenMode to take the preventive measure. Responding to their mail, CM confirmed that all the exclusive rights are with Micromax and OnePlus agreed that CM OS was via the CyanogenMode 3rd Party. Despite of  knowing all  this fact, OnePlus launched their CyanogenMode device on 2nd December 2014 in India, which was not legal.

In addition to this, Micromax also revealed  in the case, “On 26th November, 2014, Micromax received an email from OnePlus wherein it was stated that OnePlus was aware of the Agreement between Micromax and Cyanogen and OnePlus wanted to discuss some arrangement for the purposes of OnePlus being able to use Cyanogen’s products in the Indian market.

To make it happen legal, Micromax first sent the legal notice to CyanogenMode on 26th November for not taking any legal action on OnePlus. As soon as the case was filed, CM immediately published the Press Release of their the exclusive partnership with Micromax.  CyanogenMode added the fact in this case saying that they had informed OnePlus to not use their brand name while launching the product in India as they are already in contract with Micromax. Later they added that the OTA support to OnePlue was only for the month of December.

Another fact states that, OnePlus was only allowed to use CM only in China, Mainland.

Hence these were the reason why OnePlus was banned in India.

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